MAX Lamp

Simple, characteristic desk lamp made of pine wood,
with precise proportions.

MOUSE lamp

MOUSE is clever.
It can sit on a floor, table or hang on a wall.

na dół

About me

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I’m an industrial designer, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław. In 2014 I created my own FLAPO brand.

Within this sign I’m creating economical, functional objects, where the most desirable feature is an interesting idea. Idea for that “something” which makes the object unique. I’m trying to take care of every detail in the things which I make.

The most joyful moment comes with the smile on the customer’s face and statement: “It’s so easy! Why wasn’t it invented earlier…?”

Robert Szwarczyński

DODO lamp

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Black and white, with a strong core, long neck and triangular beak. Red details draw attention. Height of the lamp is regulated by…sand. Bilateral socket keeps cable invisible. DODO lamp is the lamp for a real expert.

Materials: carbon fibres, silica sand, polypropylene, PCV
Light source: LED tape with 1,4 W power, power supply with 12 V voltage (in set)
Dimensions: width 15,5 cm, maximum height 75 cm, depth 6,5 cm
Weight: 0,8 kg